The Empower Network Inner Circle Review – $1200 Per Year Scam!


What is Empower Network’s Product: ‘The Inner Circle’?

If you doubt the power of ‘suggestion’, then read on. If Dave Wood can coax people into paying $1200 a year to listen to him and others give an Aspirin a head ache – then I reckon he could influence you people to buy a Max Bygraves album! (Actually, that would be better value!)

Well to begin with, this is Empower Network’s second product after ‘The Viral Blogging System’ and costs $100.00 payable every month.

Although the images look rather enticing, the truth is that they are simple live weekly MP3 recordings that are very poor quality. I actually had to stop listening to some of them as they were becoming unbearable to listen to. Not all were as bad as that but they are definitely not studio quality. There are gaps between words and at times very difficult to make what’s being said.

That’s a whopping $1200 a year to listen to Dave Sharpe harping on about his old addictions, Dave Wood Rabbiting on 100 miles an hour brainwashing us with his Mormon style preaching and a host of other big Empower Network earners who need to keep us on board so as to keep grabbing our money each month. That’s because our monthly payments roll up to our sponsors and our sponsor’s sponsor!

It doesn’t take a genius to work out what you can buy for $1200 a year! The list is limitless. Why throw it away on garbage? Just remember this… in order for you to be able to extract $100 from anyone that you refer as a paying Empower Network Inner Circle member – you must continue to pay out $100 each and every month – year in and year out!

These audio recordings include many of their top earners and used as an Empower Product in the hope to make $100 per month for all Inner Circle members as well as to motivate members to stick at it by associating themselves with the big wheels!

The Empower Network Inner Circle Review

The Empower Network Inner Circle Mastermind Membership

Image Of The Empower Network Inner Circle Review Mastermind Membership

So, who gets this money in the Empower Network system? Good question!

This money – $100.00 that you pay EVERY month goes directly into your referrer’s eWallet account and continues as long as you are a member. You may wish to refer to my post on the Empower Network Compensation Plan for full diagrammatic details of how the commission structure works.

The Empower Network’s Inner Circle is an audio product comprising of approximately sixty mp3 downloadable audio recordings that are basically meant to keep you enthusiastic (especially as you’re likely to get despondent) and keep you from bailing out.  They are basically there to keep you motivated. If you want the secret to becoming wealthy, then The science of Getting Rich by Bob Proctor is recommended. He really knows how to get you motivated and It won’t cost you £100 a month either!

Each audio recording is between 1 to 2 hours long and they are being added to constantly – BUT they all basically say the SAME old stuff –  be warned!

For Information On The Empower Network eWallet Merchant Account, click on:
eWallet Merchant Account From Empower Network

Why Get You To Listen To These Audio Tracks Each Day?

The reason for this is because firstly, it is part of the Empower Network’s ‘8 step’ formula and is essential to keeping you onboard, as the audios to make you associate yourself with the big earners.

They contain  interviews (often with the ‘Usual Suspects’), that all tell a similar tale of how they struggled throughout parts of their lives and how so many of them started from scratch with no experience and literally built their Empower Network business and team to yield an ever increasing passive monthly residual income.

Although some of the stories may be true from people like Rob Fore (who is no newcomer to Internet marketing – by the way)  they all tell how they had tried and failed many times in the past with other online Internet businesses and found massive success with Empower Network.

The real truth is that the majority of these big earners mopped up most of the leads by getting in first when EN first started leaving very little for anyone else.

Don’t believe me?

Go to Youtube now and just type the following keywords into the search box and see what happens when you actually click on many of the videos:

  • Empower Network
  • Empower Network review

If you click on about six videos – you will see that many of them force you to sign in by Youtube, as YT state that they may be inappropriate. The fact is, Youtube removed hundreds of thousands of these videos as they are all pure SPAM.

I personally had four high-ranking videos along with several others and discovered that a small ‘group‘ deliberately went to each of the videos and ‘FLAGGED‘ them in ONE day, so that Youtube closed down those video channels. How about that for tactics! Still want to be part of that! You work hard to get your videos ranked only to see them flagged and removed by jealous competitors that can’t cut it!

Facebook banned them first, as the Empower Network members took SPAMMING to a whole new level! They are literally fighting and scrambling all over each other to get a sale and stating outrageous lies to get people to join up with them. They are forced to do this simply because many of them got suckered in going “ALL IN” and parted with over $5K (Five Thousand Dollars) and now are desperate to get ANYONE to join through them and put them in that very same predicament – so they can salvage back the money they laid out. If they get enough people to do this, they can make a good passive income. Most are failing!

They show us that despite past failures, that we can in fact take control of our destinies and create the future that we once only could dream about. They tell us how by simply becoming focused and shutting out all the other distractions (such as continually purchasing new products and software tools that just bog us down with continual learning and getting NOTHING done) just how quickly we can see real progress that only serves to motivate us even more.

Is The Empower Network ‘Inner Circle’ Mastermind Membership worth $100 per month?

In my honest opinion – MOST DEFINITELY NO! If you want to be motivated – go with Anthony Robbins!

The way I see it, instead of listening to these weekly call-ins -I get real benefit from listening to applying what I learn from Dr. Joe Vitale, Tony Robbins, Bob Proctor and watch ‘The Secret’.

I want to learn everything (all their best marketing secrets) that I can.  This is not what you get with the ‘Inner Circle’ Mastermind membership. Empower Network do a weekly Monday Call-in and simply add them to the Inner Circle audios. So this is an ever growing audio library of the same stories. Boring!!!

It’s like having a team of hypnotherapists trying to brainwash their members and keep them from abandoning ship.

If you keep listening to these guys – you will get brainwashed.


Why Does Your Referrer Get Your $100.00 Each Month?

Ah, this is another very important question and I hope to make the Empower Network Inner Circle review worth your while!

This is basically how the Empower Network works. This is exactly what will happen if you get people to join your Empower Network team. You see, every time that someone joins the Empower Network via your affiliate link, then you will automatically receive that payment directly into your eWallet account.  But first you have to be an Inner Circle monthly PAYING member – paying $100 EVERY MONTH!  That’s $1,200 a year for a bunch of low value, low quality audios!

You will recoup that $100 if you can get other mugs to join the Inner Circle – then you’ll get EVERY OTHER hundred dollars passed up to you – BUT NOT IMMEDIATELY like they state. They also hold back a percentage of your commission for 6 months and charge a ridiculous rate in order to get that money transferred from you eWallet account (an additional $19 per month) to you personal bank account. To me – it’s a very clever rip-off!
MAKE SURE YOU GET YOUR HEAD TESTED FIRST BEFORE SUBSCRIBING To The Empower Network Inner Circle Mastermind Membership

This Is Very Important Regarding Payments!

Please remember that a few of your new team member’s monthly payments will ‘PASS-UP’ to your referrer. The very same thing happens to YOUR members (they are also known as your ‘down-lines’.

When your ‘down-lines’ begin to build their own team by recruiting their new members, they also will pass-up commissions to you also. But you won’t get paid from ALL your new members. You’ll find most of the EN members state that you get paid ONE HUNDRED PERCENT COMMISSIONS – but that’s Bull Crap!

Each time a member joins your team or makes an additional purchase, either you or your referrer/sponsor (also known as your ‘up-line’) will receive 100% of the cost of that payment – MINUS admin fees and transfer fees and more – whether it be a recurring monthly payment or a ‘one-off’ payment. Check out the Disclosure Of Empower Network Processing Fees . IT’S DEFINITELY NOT 100% COMMISSIONS AS THEY STATE! They have HOLDING and PENDING PAYMENTS etc.

By the way, the only recurring payments with The Empower Network are as follows:

  • The Blogging System
  • The eWallet (Merchant Account) & Affiliate Status
  • The Inner Circle Mastermind Membership

All the other products are a ‘one-off’ payment only. Huge amounts of money can be made with this system – if you can convince other morons to go “ALL IN”! This may well be your ‘cup of tea!

You can see a breakdown of how the Empower Network compensation plan works by clicking here:  The Empower Network Compensation Plan Explained

There is common term “Empower Network All In“, which basically means that a member has purchased the entire range of empower network products. They infer that you are a ‘WUSSY’ if you don’t go ‘ALL IN!’ I personally think that you’re a real mug if you do. Any decent marketer would get you to first get a feel for it first and gradually work you way up. Not the two Daves! They want to get you HOOKED so you are financially in too deep to get out.

The Empower Network Inner Circle Mastermind Membership is the second product that they offer to members. They will attempt to get you to subscribe to this immediately you get you foot in the door – as well as several other high-ticket products that you certainly do not need to become successful as an Internet affiliate marketer. Whoever heard of PAYING  to become an affiliate for a product?

The list of Empower Products are:

  • The Blogging System
  • The Inner Circle
  • The Costa Rica Intensive
  • The $15K Formula
  • The Masters Retreat


The Empower Network Inner Circle Review – An Inside Peek:



The Empower Network Inner Circle Mastermind $100 Per Month Membership

(The list of Inner Circle Audio MP3’s at the time of writing):

  • One Year Anniversary Bonus Panel With Aaron & Sophia Rashkin, Chris Rocheleau and Justin & D Verrengia
  • The brink of collapse to $22-million in sales
  • The No-Guesswork Blueprint For Getting Anything You Want
  •  How To Turn Tragedy in to Triumph (with Kevin and Melissa Knecht)
  • The 4-Step “Power” Formula To Design and Create Results Fast
  • The 5 Step Formula To Creating ‘Spontaneous Sales Magic’ (with David Wood)
  • How to replace cold calling and prospecting forever by blogging daily.
  • How To Use Competitions To Gain Celebrity Status In Your Business
  • Lawrence Tam’s
  • How to Multiply Your Commissions, and Create Resources from Thin Air (with David Wood and David Sharpe)
  • Profiting from large events… (with David Sharpe)
  • How To Get Rich Quick… Fast and Easy… (with David Wood)
  • Why Jobs, School and ‘Traditional’ Business Will Keep You Broke
  • Are you a SLAVE to the dream you’ve been selling? (with David Sharpe, Tony Rush and Carol Douthitt)
  • The MASTERS of Marketing, Break Through Session (LIVE in Costa Rica)
  • Breaking through the job-mind, and kicking the system’s ass (with David Wood)
  • Simple 6-Figure Formula and the UGLY truth about what’s keeping you broke
  • Speak The World Into Existence (with David Wood)
  • Leveraging the POWER of a contest (with David Wood and David Sharpe)
  • How To Create ‘Magical Income’
  • Higher Level Marketing – HOW You Can Join Us In Costa Rica… (with David Sharpe)
  • Tomato Sandwiches, Getting Rich and Being A Bad-A$$ (with Tony Rush)
  • How To Make $30,000 With No Experience, No Skills, And No Money (With John Wells)
  • How To Get Laid Off From Corporate America With A ‘Part Time’ Income That’s 5 Times Your Salary (with Lawrence Tam)
  • How To Make $1,500 a day by Blogging (with Justin Verrengia)
  • Free Your Lifestyle Through The POWER of a SYSTEM (with Mark Call)
  • Member Coaching Call – Why Am I Getting No Results?
  • How To Massively Scale Your Marketing (With Chris Campbell)
  • $4,550 in one day through text messaging (with Simon Stepsys)
  • Don’t Sell Beef to a Vegetarian (with Tom McMurrain)
  • The Craft Of Creative Marketing (with Ryan Hartman)
  • How To Make $5,000 Per Week In Your Business, NOW. (David Wood & David Sharpe
  • How To Close 85% of Your Prospects, and COMMAND them to Join Your Team (with Dwayne Pyle)
  • The Power Of High Touch Marketing (With Thed Sims)
  • Offline Advertising Secrets, and HOW To Use Systems (Chuck Marshall Interview)
  • Secrets of Up-selling New Customers (with Steve Lauri)
  • Mastering the Funnel with Dave & Dave
  • Closing Like Clockwork with David Sharpe
  • Bob Anderson – Millionaire Monster Comic Book Style
  • Interview With Top Producer Beau Bridgewater
  • Don’t You Ever Quit
  • Interview With Barbie Zabel
  • David Sharpe – How To Escape The Newbie Zone
  • Interview With Brandon Koon
  • David Sharpe – Killer Copy Writing Secrets
  • Jon Mroz, How to be a ‘Sponsoring Machine’
  • Interview with Lawrence Tam, #1 Income Earner in Empower Network
  • Aaron Rashkin, Multiple 7 Figure Producer on ‘Leadership Concepts’
  • Rob Fore, Marketing Phenom, $15K Per Month Earner
  • Kris Darty, Rising Star, $13k Earner and Founding Member
  • Tracey Walker, Industry Phenom, $10k Earner and Founding Member
  • Toby and Layla Black, $20k Per Week Founding Members
  • The Buzz Of Launch
  • Down and Dirty Marketing Secrets
  • Hypotonic Selling Secrets
  • How To Close 95% Of Prospects Into Your Business
  • The Power of Unity
  • Influence and Inspire People To Buy Your Products, Join Your Businesses And Love You For It

You can endure each of these audios on average for about 90 minutes each – that’s if you don’t fall asleep!

Conclusion To The Empower Network Inner Circle Review…

The information in the Inner Circle audios are simply for brainwashing. You can find self-help and motivation information anywhere. The information in these audios will certainly NOT give you any kind advantage over other Internet marketers who are simply have their heads screwed on. What you’ll learn is how to start repeating what they are filling your heads with and become another Empower Network parrot!

As I have already stated, that the monthly cost of these audios costs $100.00 per month – but in truth, they are actually a waste of money – unless you’ve got nothing better to do with your money!


I sincerely hope the Empower Network Inner Circle review helps you to better understand what it’s about.

Click on link for more details about the  Empower Network products.

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